About Me

Some things are simply impossible to ignore; and when it comes to fitness, personal trainer and fitness model, Thamara Julien, also known as “Ms. Fit-by-Tee or Tee,” is the living definition of the phrase ‘impossible to ignore.’ In a field that is highly saturated, being unique and standing out in the forefront of the industry, is a quite the mission. However, creating your own lane in this industry of fitness entrepreneurs is definitely possible. In an age where the internet has boomed, websites and applications such as Youtube and Instagram have changed the game for fitness enthusiast, models, and trainers. Personal training is no easy task, your body represents your brand and how you look is your living advertisement. So if you’ve seen the fierce female fitness entrepreneur, then you can relate, that Ms. FitByTee, owner and creator of Infinitee Fit, is unquestionably impossible to ignore.

The energetic, charismatic, and down to earth personal trainer and entrepreneur has been making large strides and covering ground fast in the fitness world. Most recently she has had the opportunity of partnering up with internationally recognized deodorant company, Lady Speed Stick in November of 2015. The campaign, titled ‘Be Unstoppable,’ focused on the empowerment of women through the testimonies and stories of iconic public figures. Being someone who believes strongly in women empowerment and displays it with her attention grasping fitness body frame; Ms. FitByTee was given the opportunity to share her story of empowerment with the company. Through her story, she was able to accomplish a huge milestone in her life of having her story inspire millions of other women around the world. She hasn’t stopped there. Presently, she is a personal trainer in her city for multiple clients, one of which includes Canadian Football League (CFL) legend, and all-time leading passing yard quarterback, Damon Allen.

Simultaneously, she has garnered not only the attention of large and small corporate companies, but has also attracted the attention of many fitness enthusiasts online, locally and internationally. Ms. FitByTee has amassed a jaw dropping 81, 000+ followers [and counting] on her Instagram social media account (@msfitbytee), and adds to that amount with her following on her Facebook account (@Infinitee Fitness). The empowering and motivational fitness entrepreneur promotes the desire and willingness for individuals to take charge of their life and make a difference. As the young vibrant Ms. FitByTee would say, “Fitness; it’s not a season, it’s a lifestyle.”

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to Caribbean decent parents, Father from Trinidad and mother from Barbados, Ms. FitByTee was the youngest of two children; her brother being the eldest. Growing up, she was always an active athletic child, participating in all types of sports. She took a strong liking towards the sport of track and field, where she participated not only for her school teams but also joined a private track and field club team. As Ms. FitByTee grew older, her love for sports turned into a passion to become a personal fitness trainer and entrepreneur. She created her own fitness company and brand called Infinitee Fit. Tee’s main goal through her brand is to motivate and inspire women to live a healthier lifestyle through their mind, body, and soul.

Currently Tee is working on multiple projects, one of which includes her $1/day, 21-day abdominal program. Simultaneously, she is expanding herself and her brand by pursuing her interests in a fitness modelling career alongside her personal training business. Some of Ms. FitByTee’s future business plans include opening her own personal training facility to cater to all her clients, as she continues to expand her company; Infinitee Fit. Ms. FitByTee has made great progress in the fitness entrepreneur world, but make no mistake; this is only the beginning stages of the wave she is creating! As the young vibrant entrepreneur would say, “Fitness, it’s not a season, it’s a lifestyle!” So watch out, because she’s making her presence felt, and leaving her mark! So if you do not know who she is or haven’t heard of Ms. FitByTee by now, then get on board because she’s taking off this year, and her business is spreading like wildfire.

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